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Is It Okay to Be Okay With Not Knowing?

Mountain Road

Gratitude for the Beauty of the Journey

As many of us do, for many years I grappled with living with not knowing—what will I do for my next career, what is my destiny, what is my calling, how can I do something I love and make a lot of money at the same time, what do I want to do, what do I love to do, what brings me joy, what is fulfilling to me?

It’s funny, because I actually love knowledge! I love to learn, to be enlightened, to understand, to be amazed, to investigate, to gather information, to be let in on secrets of life and more. Yet, knowing and knowledge are not one and the same. Knowing, to me, is a mind game, a human “need.” People think they need to know all sorts of things in order to be okay, safe, comfortable and happy. They want to know what will happen next, how they can control outcomes, what their roles in life should be, what they are meant to be doing, and much more.

True Safety – The Tower Revisited

Emerging form the Tower

The time for hiding in the tower is over.

Today I picked a Tarot card for a message and instead of The Tower Tarot Cardreading the definitions in my two wonderful books, I looked at the card and felt and heard the message—my first psychic reading of a card! I chose The Tower card and thought to myself, “Oh, that one again!” But it was different this time. My message to all of us is as follows:

Although the card looks scary, it need not be. We have a choice. We always have a choice to take action or wait for action to take us.

Is Your Tower Built on a Solid Foundation or Is It Time for Change?

The Tower Tarot Card

The Breaking Down of Existing Structures: The Tower: Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Sometimes your closet has to come crashing down, literally. That’s how my morning started a couple of months ago. At 5 a.m., the loud noise jolted me awake out of my much-needed sleep. But it got me thinking. Well, at first it made me upset, annoyed at being woken up and at having to deal with the mess. It was unsettling, for me, my clothing, and the dust on the top shelf that filled the air. I gathered a few items and then moved an air purifier to the closet to filter the dust. That was one thing checked off the list. The clothing would have to wait. I, on the other hand, was feeling extremely unsettled.

With no electronic filter system to clear my head, I picked a card from the tarot deck—the Tower. Its scary picture of people jumping out of a burning tower struck by lightning was at first a bit disconcerting. But as soon as I began to read some of the interpretations, I knew this card held truth for me.

Being Real – Instincts and Insights

Authenticity in nature

True power comes from being real, not from being in control.

Wholeness is not a static state of being. It is a continuous process of growing and learning. It is the journey of evolving into a greater expression of your true self and the joy that is experienced in the expression of that truth.

Fulfillment comes not from reaching a goal or arriving at an end point (death?). It comes from total immersion in the process itself. Being present for the journey, with its myriad ups and downs, is the joy of being alive. When we strive to be rather than to do or to complete, we can truly experience what it means to be a spiritual being expressing in this earthly world.

If we can remember that we are light beings given the gift of human experience—in order to know and express ourselves in unique ways—we can experience more gratitude for this gift. And if we convey that gratitude to others through our communications and actions, our surroundings will be filled with more light. This light will spread and also be reflected back on us.

Floating vs. Authentic Flow

Floating vs. Flow

Floating may seem nice, but you may not be going anywhere.

The gift of perspective can, at first, seem like a hindrance. But when you are pulled out of a situation, even temporarily, you can see it more clearly.

While I was learning WordPress to create my new blog site, I was enjoying both the learning and the creative processes. I know I felt calmer and was enjoying the flow, but it wasn’t until that flow was interrupted that I realized how different this was for me.

Before embarking on this new journey, I was working for several months on writing an intensely complex science and business application for a consulting client. I was using many of my left-brain analytical and writing skills from my years of science and business education and experience. For some reason, which I couldn’t really put my finger on at the time, I felt drained at the end of each day.

The Status Quo Part 2 – Choosing Your True Self

Status Quo Cultures Art

You can choose to break free and express your individuality or get stuck maintaining the status quo.

Would you confine yourself to the status quo rather than risk rejection?

Would you choose the familiar instead of the new and fulfilling?

These are my choices. I can opt for the comfort and safety of fitting in with acquaintances, family, and local and historical circles of people in my life. I can keep the boat steady, paddle slowly on the metaphorical lake of the status quo, which will take me on a somewhat scenic route until I end up back where I started. The second time around it might be nice to see some of the scenery again, but what about the next time around—and the next time and next time?

The Status Quo vs. Authenticity

So, I’ve been keeping my intuitive nature on the down low for many years now. Unless I’m in the safety of a metaphysical bookstore or a reiki circle, I present myself like any normal member of society—no patchouli perfume, peasant skirts, or repeating mantras in public. I attend family gatherings and business events, and no one is the wiser.

Of course, people who really know me are aware of my spiritual interests, but the deeper pursuits, the more esoteric and far out ideas, metaphysical and cosmological belief systems and interests are reserved for the true inner circle of family and friends who share common beliefs or are at least open to them.

Most of just want to fit in, to be liked, and to feel accepted—at school, at work, in our social circles and with our family members. We want to be interesting enough to gain attention or accolades, but not so different that we don’t belong, make people uncomfortable, or are rejected. Well, I’m here to tell you that maintaining the status quo can be a lot of work. It actually came very naturally to me.

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