The Evolving Intuitive

The truth of our being, of life and of reality can lift the burdens of illusion in an instant. If only we can see that truth and hold that vision.

We all want acceptance, success, love and fulfillment. We want it so much that we create goals and are willing to search far and wide to reach them. We are busy running around trying to attain these goals when our needs might be better met by going within ourselves to learn our truth. Then we can express authentically and draw to us who and what will truly match us and our hearts’ desires. This is the essence of manifestation.

The illusory things we seek and the illusion of scarcity, fear and judgment that we buy into keep us from being present and from experiencing life as the amazing gift it is: an opportunity to know and express our true selves in a form unique to each of us. This authenticity can be magnificently attractive, providing greater success and fulfillment.

This blog has several aims:

  1. To share insights and knowledge gained through my personal spiritual journey and life experience
  2. To provide ideas and understanding to help you connect with your true self
  3. To offer perspectives to expand your thinking, vision, life-view and worldview
  4. To inspire greater acceptance and gratitude for the Self and the present moment
  5. To create a platform for you to comment and share ideas
  6. To afford me the opportunity to express my truth
  7. To give you the opportunity, should you accept my invitation, to be coached by me in an initial session, where we can explore what might be possible for you

About Me

In addition to being a spiritual adventurer, I have a varied background as a scientist with a Ph.D. in microbiology, a writer and a life coach. In thinking about other scientists who have moved into the consciousness arena, they each seem to have an area of study from which they present their “thing.” As an example, Greg Braden approaches science and spirituality from a systems designer viewpoint and Dr. Bruce Lipton links science and spirit from a cell biologist’s perspective with his work on cell membranes as the cell’s brain.

So, what is my thing? The simplified answer is “truth.” Other writers and speakers come at pieces of truth from different, sometimes brilliant, perspectives. They each give us pieces of the puzzle using their knowledge, creativity and intuition to formulate models that can be used as a path to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The thing about me is that I have never really had only one angle, one expertise, or one area of mastery. I have always considered myself a jack-of-all-trades, even in my life as a scientist. I enjoy learning about many different areas and subjects. Although at times I felt I was, therefore, master of none, the truth is I couldn’t dedicate myself fully to only one small arena. The passion wasn’t there. Even when I loved my research area, I found myself choosing to switch to a new area to broaden my knowledge and understanding. I did so after I received my doctorate when I started my postdoctoral work and again when I was looking for a position as a scientist. I worked in the lab, in business development and in marketing. I have studied meditation, yoga, Sufi practices, Judaism, kabbalah, astrology, tarot, channeling, spiritual mastery, science and consciousness, and business and consciousness.

Although one can master a subject or “part,” it takes many parts to make up the whole. So, while I enjoy the details of the parts, what I have come to realize is that my deeper desire is to gain an understanding of the whole, the relationship between the parts that comprise the big picture. Through insights into a broad range of component truths, there is an infinite number of connections that form the intricate framework of the greater truth, of all that is—the whole.

Everyone needs a point of entry into a new paradigm, and a new perspective in one area is an excellent way to begin. I have taken that journey many times. The knowledge gained in those quests for greater knowing has formed the multifaceted and ever-evolving framework of who I am as a human being. And it continues to shape how my higher nature is expressed in this life, in my writing and in coaching sessions with clients.

I am a truth seeker thirsting for greater knowing, and I don’t ever expect that to change. My hope is in sharing my journey and the wisdom I have assimilated, some pieces will resonate, stir your heart and encourage your deeper truth to emerge. I certainly have been stimulated by many of the truth seekers I have encountered over the years, whether they were scientists, shamans or simply consciously spiritual beings. I am truly grateful for each bit of poking and prodding of my consciousness, every bit of information that helped engage my mind to stay present on this journey, and all the ways I have felt encouraged and supported along the way, both in my ideas and personally.

So, my “thing” turns out not to be a “thing” at all. My thing is my greater self and all that I am blessed to offer in insights, knowledge and understanding gathered from this ever-evolving journey.

I am pleased to have you join me on this part of the journey and look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to comment on posts, use the form below or connect on the Contact page.

With gratitude,

Sarah A. Sporn, PhD, The Evolving Intuitive

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