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Status Quo Cultures Art

You can choose to break free and express your individuality or get stuck maintaining the status quo.

Would you confine yourself to the status quo rather than risk rejection?

Would you choose the familiar instead of the new and fulfilling?

These are my choices. I can opt for the comfort and safety of fitting in with acquaintances, family, and local and historical circles of people in my life. I can keep the boat steady, paddle slowly on the metaphorical lake of the status quo, which will take me on a somewhat scenic route until I end up back where I started. The second time around it might be nice to see some of the scenery again, but what about the next time around—and the next time and next time?

I’ll certainly know my way around and feel comfortable in my boat on the lake with the nice scenery. I’ll know who is on the lake, which animals live in and around it. It will all be familiar to me. I can take comfort in knowing what to expect. But I will also begin to feel a bit bored and confined, and wonder if there is a bigger lake out there or a river that leads to an ocean that connects to many other bodies of water and contains countless beautiful land masses with all sorts of vessels, skylines, flora and fauna (that would be plants and animals to the non-biologists).

Should I be content with the comfort and safety of my lake when I know there is more to explore and it calls to me? At some point that nagging feeling that there is something more for me became an ache and a yearning for the excitement of new and unknown territory, for deeper bodies of water with a vast array of inhabitants, beautiful vistas and exciting and fulfilling adventures. So, the choice is pretty lake or the World. I think you get the magnitude of how different these two scenarios are. The status quo (lake) versus following your soul’s calling (the World).

It seems like an obvious choice to me now that I am writing this down. The relaxing movie you fall asleep watching versus the adventure story that keeps you entranced. The merry go round versus the roller coaster or even the train ride through the amusement park. It doesn’t have to be physically terrifying. I just don’t want to fall asleep and wake up at the end saying, “What did I miss?” I don’t want to go around in circles until the ride is over.

Okay, enough with the metaphors, but you get my gist. I have painted a clear picture, even for me, to see the only choice possible at this point. That doesn’t make me less fearful of the repercussions or side effects this choice may trigger, but that is all on the people Around Me.

And speaking of “Around Me”: For the past week my awesome cell phone, which I have had only a few months, started acting up on me. The battery was draining quickly (it couldn’t hold its power), the ringer volume buttons were being taken over by the media volume (no matter what settings I changed), and my camera would not turn on (my creative expression was overtaken by an unknown app). I see the irony in that, as I had no idea what this was demonstrating at the time.

Well, the nice technician at my cell phone carrier nipped that in the bud. I don’t know how he honed on it so quickly, but he said, “I think you’re Around Me app is causing all the trouble. It’s taking over all these aspects of your phone (life) and controlling what you can do. It’s controlling your power, your volume and your camera.” So, I asked him what I could do to stop it and he said, “We’ll simply delete it and see if that fixes it.” Bam! I got rid of that pesky Around Me and all is well.

I’ll be keeping that in mind as I travel on this new journey. Anything Around Me trying to control my volume/voice—delete. Trying to take away or deplete my power—delete. Trying to stop my creativity—delete. It’s as simple as that. It’s not that everyone has to understand me or relate to my journey. I’m good with the live and let live scenario. It’s only those who are so fearful that they impede my progress that will have to be let go. I plan on upgrading to friendship 2.0 along the way.

Sarah A. Sporn – The Evolving Intuitive

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