What do all these spiritual buzzwords mean?

This is where you’ll find definitions and explanations for spiritual buzzwords, phraseology and concepts. As more terms come up in my posts, I will include additional entries. Some definitions will also contain links to posts or articles that delve deeper into understanding. You can also check out the website categories for related posts and articles.


Evolving can be defined as undergoing evolutionary change. This is defined by Merriam-Webster as a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state. I would define spiritual evolution as change from a more narrowly defined existence to a more expansive and inclusive state of being that allows for infinite possibilities beyond what the physical brain can conjure.

Webster’s fifth definition of Evolution is a process in which the whole universe is a progression of interrelated phenomena.

A synonym for evolution is unfolding. When I incorporate the definitions and synonyms of the verb “unfold” into one defining phrase for “evolving,” I come up with the following: the unwrapping and expansion that reveals and clarifies through gradual disclosure. This can also be likened to blossoming.

Fourth Dimension

As described in the definition of “time” below, unlike the three spatial dimension of length, width and depth, the fourth dimension of time in physical terms is considered linear—it only goes backwards and forwards—unless the General Theory of Relativity is considered where space and time are considered essentially the same, i.e. the space-time continuum. This is also legitimate construct that occurs frequently in mathematics. Math and theoretical physics can map out theories beyond what the human mind can truly comprehend or prove relative to a three dimensional perspective.

In metaphysical and spiritual circles, fourth dimensional reality is not constrained by the three physical dimensions, nor can it be measured by 3D methods. It is accessed by focusing awareness to higher levels of consciousness that are not bound by Newtonian physics. It’s not defined by solid form, gravity or linear time. It is a higher realm of love, non-physicality (in 3D terms), acceptance and connection. It can be accessed through meditation, astral travel and other states that bring awareness of our true selves beyond the vehicle of the physical body.

Greater or More Expansive

Something greater or more expansive at the most basic level can be defined as going beyond the physical body and brain-impulse-generated thoughts. This includes inspiration, insights, intuition, your higher self, spirit guides, angels, God, unity consciousness, Universal energies, the realm of endless possibilities, and the infinite all that is.

Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness encompasses many things and covers a broad array of conscious states ranging from greater awareness to enlightenment. Greater awareness extends to your thoughts, feelings and actions and that which motivates, creates and distorts them. It also goes beyond the self to awareness of insights, intuition, spiritual energies and entities, guidance, and greater truths and knowledge. The attributes experienced from higher consciousness include greater understanding, clarity of thought and vision, discernment and recognition of truth, authenticity, connection to your inner truth, and connection to something greater or more expansive.

Higher Dimensions

In metaphysical and spiritual circles, higher dimensions are considered those beyond the three spatial dimensions that make up our physical world. All dimensions greater than this, like the fourth dimension described above, are accessed by focusing awareness to higher levels of consciousness that are not bound by Newtonian physics. They are not defined by solid form, gravity or linear time. There are theories about how many dimensions exist, proposed both in spiritual circles discussing higher dimensions and by physicists who describe multiple dimensions (such as string theory).

In either case, it is very difficult to grasp, let alone define, the higher dimensions. The book titled Flatland, written by Edwin Abbott in 1884, provides a great depiction of how a two-dimensional being would view a three-dimensional being and find them incomprehensible. At the very least, the 3-D being would be misunderstood and labelled something that could not take into account the totality of their being.

In his book Parallel Worlds, physicist Michio Kaku describes the super powers of a fourth-dimensional being and how they would seem like a god to us, just as the cube is exalted by the two-dimensional square in Flatlanders. Kaku describes how in a higher dimensional world, we are the oblivious Flatlanders who are for the most part unaware that a universe could be hovering right above us in the fourth or fifth dimension. Beings from the higher dimensions could be invisible to us or seem to pop in and out of our view with powers attributed to ghosts.

This demonstrates how difficult it is to describe and not currently possible to prove—outside of theory and mathematical derivations—the presence of dimensions that exist under different physical laws than ours.

For the purposes of describing a spiritual and metaphysical dimension beyond the third, it can be described as a higher realm of love, non-physicality (in 3D terms), acceptance and connection. It can be accessed through meditation, astral travel and other states or experiences that bring awareness of our true selves beyond the vehicle of the physical body.


Insight can be defined as the act of understanding or perceiving the inner nature of things. It is the power of seeing into a situation. It is the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something. Insight can be derived from a more brain-based ability for natural analysis of facts and observations. It can also be the result of seeing intuitively.


Intuition is knowledge or understanding gained from an instinctive feeling without the need for conscious reasoning. This knowledge arrives through insight rather than information processing or analysis through the intellect.

Intuition can provide answers, messages, direction, and more depending on the degree to which an individual has cultivated the ability to recognize intuition versus mind chatter and how much they have opened to this superconscious information pathway. Tapping into intuition requires being present enough to tune into the signals from your mind and body so you can receive intuitive insights. It then requires a choice to pay attention to what is received and act on those insights.

Intuition can show itself in different forms. It can be a hunch, a feeling, a quiet voice in your head, a knowing, a pull towards something or someone, a push a way from something or someone, a physical sensation or gut feeling.


This is a creation of attributes that form a framework for your expression in life. It is that which you present to the outer world and can include ego traits as well as those that resonate with your true self. This mix changes as we progress from infancy through childhood and into adulthood, fluctuating depending on what part of us is running the show.

An infant explores responses to their persona and learns how to get their needs met. The adult personality is formed through childhood experiences, building upon the basic persona we are born with and adding what was learned and deemed (mostly without conscious awareness) useful or necessary to keep us safe and help us get what we want or simply get through life—our stories.

Later in adulthood many of us rethink our “choices” and bring conscious awareness to our personas, enabling us to shift and tweak how we choose to express ourselves. Once we are aware of fear motivations, we can disengage the power given to our mental stories in order to empower or true selves. This can be taken to another level when we bring higher levels of consciousness to the forefront and thus learn to express more of our true selves in our lives.


The subconscious mind lies beneath the level of conscious awareness. It gathers information from all events and interactions and stores this information for future reference without conscious awareness that this is occurring. The subconscious mind creates stories from this information storehouse, which produce reactive responses and defensive actions. When an individual becomes aware of subconscious motivation, these reactions and actions can be recognized by the conscious mind and the resulting behaviors can be shifted.


Superconscious can be defined as transcending human or normal consciousness. It is consciousness above that within the ordinary range of attention, above conscious awareness. It is awareness of energies and form beyond physical reality of the third dimension. This is where the extraordinary emerges. It is the origin of insight, intuition, psychic activity, true creativity, and spiritual connection and experiences.

Third Dimension/Three Dimensional/3D

In physical terms, this refers to the three spatial coordinates—a one-dimensional object measurement of length creates a straight line, add a two-dimensional measurement of height to create a square, and add a three-dimensional measurement of depth to creates volume or a three-dimensional object such as a cube. These are the three dimensions of space that most people perceive to be reality.  They are the visible dimensions we perceive in the world around us.

In spiritual/metaphysical terms, third dimensional existence refers to the world of physical form—the reality we can experience through our five senses of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. This is where most of humanity’s focus lies. It does not include spiritual/higher dimensions that can’t be quantified by current scientific method; although quantum physics, string theory and mathematical calculations do suggest multiple dimensions beyond three (or four if you include time).


Time is referred to by scientists as the fourth dimension.* It is usually considered a temporal coordinate as opposed to the three special coordinates (length, height and depth) that create three-dimensional reality. Yet even scientifically time is often thought of differently than the linear forwards/backwards attributes that we assign it. In Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, space and time are considered to be essentially the same—space-time—and are affected by how fast you are moving and distortion due to gravity. So, time varies as you move around the universe. It is interesting to know that Einstein said, “For us physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent.”

*The Fourth Dimension referred to in metaphysical circles is another matter. See definition above.

True Self

This is not your personality/persona nor is it your ego, your stories, your actions or your reactions. The true self is the eternal nature that imbues your physical body with life force. It is the calm, centered, knowing, connected, clear, visionary and loving being that is the real you. Intuition is a means of communication between your physical expression on Earth and your true self and all you are connected with—your higher self, spirit of the universe, God, the Christ self, your guides, angels and all the higher knowing that can offer perspective and guidance for this Earthly journey.