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How to Elicit Better Responses – Speaking Your Truth or Ego Bluster?

The Tempting Glow of Reaction

The Tempting Glow of Reaction

How many times have you heard a little voice in your head that says, “Stop” or “Don’t” or “Not now”? It can happen after someone says something to you while you are thinking of your response, or it can happen in the tiny instant before you react or respond. Oops—too late! The latter is nearly impossible to stop as the momentum of your reaction is already there, and the voice just manages to sneak in there as you are beginning your response. Of course, that is still a big step further than not hearing the voice at all.

How to Use Awareness to Keep Your Power – The Balance of Intellect and Emotion

Awareness and Power

Intellect devoid of emotion is somewhat hollow, lacking in a deeper sense of fulfillment. Emotion without any logical thought or direction can be confusing, misleading or distracting to the point of leading you down a dark rabbit hole with no light to see the way out.

Does the Soul Have Needs?

Two Buddha Heads

Which mind are you listening to right now?

Although it may seem that needs are only of the body and mind, the soul does have desires—longings that often translate into needs of the body-mind. However, the perceived needs of the body-mind are filtered through our thoughts and beliefs. They have been developed over our lives and become tainted by misrepresentations of what we think to be our needs and desires. The pure longings of the soul can become harder to access over time, with the build-up and subsequent overlay of externally created ideas, “shoulds,” “can’ts” and “what ifs.”

So, how do we access our true soul desires? First, we must learn how to distinguish perceived needs and desires from true longings. Most actions we take in the course of waking hours stem from real or perceived mental, physical, or emotional needs. Of course, some of these are related to fulfilling actual physical needs, such as eating and sleeping. The rest are creations of the mind that reflect personal and societal thoughts and beliefs. For example, I need a mate to complete me, I need this job to fulfill me, I need the right shoes, I need to show who is boss, I need ice cream now, and on and on.

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