Sarah A. Sporn, Ph.D.

“An uncommon coach: Dr. Sporn has a level of intellect, analytical ability and spiritual connection that is unique”

—Martin K. (client)

Dr. Sarah Sporn’s strength and passion is bridging the analytical realm and practicalities of daily life with spiritual truth and personal transformation. As a channel for higher knowing with a gift for communicating ideas between realms, her passion is helping clients connect with and live their authentic lives.

Who are you at your core? Discover the difference between your truth and the stories you have created.

Dr. Sporn can help you:

  • Gain Awareness
  • Shift perspective
  • Release fear
  • Let go of the blame game
  • Increase self-responsibility
  • Be empowered

As an intuitive, scientist, writer and consultant, Dr. Sporn’s work takes place in the interplay between the analytical and spiritual realms. Her coaching and writing are expressions of that interchange.

Dr. Sporn’s experience and wisdom enable her to bring clear insights from one realm to the other, creating greater awareness and integration. She also possesses a gift for seeing that which is essential, clearly perceiving the steps necessary to achieve desired goals.

Dr. Sporn facilitates the following actions:

  • Bring the intangible into tangible form
  • Bridge the analytical and spiritual realms
  • Apply spiritual concepts to practical solutions
  • Shift perspective to see situations anew
  • Gain greater understanding and clarity

Creating a safe space for personal transformation, Dr. Sporn gives focused attention that allows healing to take place. She possesses an innate understanding and intelligence about life, providing practical and spiritual guidance.

Dr. Sporn helps clients navigate their journey to manifesting a more authentic empowered life. She does this through conversation, energy transmission, guided processes, practical steps, and other resources.

What are your goals?

How you can take steps toward change?

Have you had enough of your monkey mind chatter/patterns/stories?

Let Dr. Sporn help you navigate the pitfalls constructed on a subconscious level. Gaining this valuable awareness is a powerful and necessary step in the process of transformation. Contact her for a consultation here.


Examine your habits and the subconscious beliefs behind them:

Do you procrastinate?

If I don’t try, I can’t really fail.

If I avoid it, I won’t have the burden of success.

If I wait long enough, the decision will be made for me.

Do you run from one activity to the other?

Being busy means I am productive.

The more I do, the better I am.

If I keep myself busy, I don’t have to face myself.

Do you become frozen in inactivity?

I am too afraid to try.

I need all the information before I can begin an activity.

If I do nothing, I won’t make a wrong decision.

Are you a perfectionist?

If I can just do it perfectly, everything will be okay.

If I let someone else do it, it won’t be good enough.

If I do it perfectly, I’ll be worthy.


Do you want tools to help you be more grounded and successful?

Do you want your higher self to be your guide?

Find out who you are underneath the stories you and others tell you.

What are your dreams?

Explore your potential at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Evolve in the process while tapping into what is needed at each step of your personal journey.


Dr. Sporn has a lifetime of personal growth training, beginning as a ten-year-old child attending a Mind Dimensions workshop and practicing energy healing. In subsequent years she has been a devoted student of numerous spiritual disciplines in order to bring spiritual teachings into daily life practices.

Dr. Sporn is also trained in a variety of transformation models, such as Barrett Analytics values assessments and Appreciative Inquiry. She led an ongoing course in personal development and was mentored by a master coach and internationally recognized astrologer for over 30 years.

Contact Sarah A. Sporn, Ph.D. for more information or an introductory session here.