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Emerging form the Tower

The time for hiding in the tower is over.

Today I picked a Tarot card for a message and instead of The Tower Tarot Cardreading the definitions in my two wonderful books, I looked at the card and felt and heard the message—my first psychic reading of a card! I chose The Tower card and thought to myself, “Oh, that one again!” But it was different this time. My message to all of us is as follows:

Although the card looks scary, it need not be. We have a choice. We always have a choice to take action or wait for action to take us.

The time for hiding in the tower is over. The princess was hidden because she was deemed not strong enough, physically and mentally, to take care of herself. As Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth.” This is an old paradigm that limits our power, keeps our true nature under wraps and squashes our joy. This holds true for all individuals, princes and princesses, as a metaphor for the safety of allowing our true selves to be seen and to flourish. Hiding is no longer safe, as the tower will crumble just like the old paradigm of safety.

Won’t it feel better to leave the tower of your own volition with grace and dignity, than to be forced out? We must all move forward and take our rightful places in this world, freely expressing our authentic selves and our true gifts. The world needs us all, with our unique contributions, modes of expression and wide-ranging perceptions. We each have talents and insights that will find resonance with other people who need them.

The old idea of safety no longer suits us. It may have seemingly worked in the past, but it certainly will not as we move forward. There is no validity in the idea that hiding makes us safe. There is no full living in an ivory tower. It is confining in an era that seeks freedom. Safety is in connection not isolation, expression not silence, action not repression, joy not fear, possibility not limitation, truth and authenticity not masks or projections.

It’s time to step up and step out. Will you wait for lightening to strike or will you gracefully descend from the tower and take your rightful place?

Sarah A. Sporn – The Evolving Intuitive

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