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Does the Soul Have Needs?

Two Buddha Heads

Which mind are you listening to right now?

Although it may seem that needs are only of the body and mind, the soul does have desires—longings that often translate into needs of the body-mind. However, the perceived needs of the body-mind are filtered through our thoughts and beliefs. They have been developed over our lives and become tainted by misrepresentations of what we think to be our needs and desires. The pure longings of the soul can become harder to access over time, with the build-up and subsequent overlay of externally created ideas, “shoulds,” “can’ts” and “what ifs.”

So, how do we access our true soul desires? First, we must learn how to distinguish perceived needs and desires from true longings. Most actions we take in the course of waking hours stem from real or perceived mental, physical, or emotional needs. Of course, some of these are related to fulfilling actual physical needs, such as eating and sleeping. The rest are creations of the mind that reflect personal and societal thoughts and beliefs. For example, I need a mate to complete me, I need this job to fulfill me, I need the right shoes, I need to show who is boss, I need ice cream now, and on and on.

Floating vs. Authentic Flow

Floating vs. Flow

Floating may seem nice, but you may not be going anywhere.

The gift of perspective can, at first, seem like a hindrance. But when you are pulled out of a situation, even temporarily, you can see it more clearly.

While I was learning WordPress to create my new blog site, I was enjoying both the learning and the creative processes. I know I felt calmer and was enjoying the flow, but it wasn’t until that flow was interrupted that I realized how different this was for me.

Before embarking on this new journey, I was working for several months on writing an intensely complex science and business application for a consulting client. I was using many of my left-brain analytical and writing skills from my years of science and business education and experience. For some reason, which I couldn’t really put my finger on at the time, I felt drained at the end of each day.

The Status Quo Part 2 – Choosing Your True Self

Status Quo Cultures Art

You can choose to break free and express your individuality or get stuck maintaining the status quo.

Would you confine yourself to the status quo rather than risk rejection?

Would you choose the familiar instead of the new and fulfilling?

These are my choices. I can opt for the comfort and safety of fitting in with acquaintances, family, and local and historical circles of people in my life. I can keep the boat steady, paddle slowly on the metaphorical lake of the status quo, which will take me on a somewhat scenic route until I end up back where I started. The second time around it might be nice to see some of the scenery again, but what about the next time around—and the next time and next time?

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