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The perspective of the driver determines the journey. Beware the warped vision of the ego.

Why Do We Let the Ego Drive?

The perspective of the driver determines the journey. Beware the warped vision of the ego.

The perspective of the driver determines the journey. Beware the warped vision of the ego.

Why Do We Let the Ego Drive?
Does It Have an Unblemished License?

Our Bodies Are Our Vehicles

The body is the vehicle we use to travel through life in this realm. Who do you want as your driver? It is your choice. Would you choose a child to drive your car? Would you choose a self-destructive, self-centered control freak to drive? Would you allow someone who has clearly steered you wrong so many times, veered off the road and caused accidents? I think not, and these are descriptions of your ego. It’s definitely not the best choice for a smooth ride, a direct path or proper navigation to your intended destination.

Open to Possibilities by Letting Go of Outcomes

Shining the light on possibilities

Shining the light on possibilities

Hindsight & Letting Go of Outcomes

It is easy to see in hindsight how the events in life led us to where we are today. That’s the logical way to look at life’s progression. Yes, hindsight is 20-20, if you’re willing to look objectively.

Ride the Energies into the Summer Solstice

The Path Opening to Increasing Light

The Path of Increasing Light

The first day of June—the summer solstice month—brought a renewed sense of inspiration to me. I awoke at 3 a.m. with my mind moving in many directions for at least an hour. After my morning walk, the energy had organized itself into inspiration and ideas. I was able to sit down and let the creativity flow into several pages of thoughtful concepts that could be fleshed out at a later time. The flow that I experienced was completely organic, and one of the concepts that came to me explained why this occurred.

Choosing Peace Over Fear – Empowerment From Within

Ocean view

Connect With That Peaceful Place

In these times of uncertainty, it is important to cultivate a practice of going inward to build a stronger foundation that cannot be eroded by external factors. This is the bedrock of connection with our true selves—our unwavering eternal natures. Where focusing on outward events can bring fear and anxiety, focusing inward brings peace and calm.

How to Elicit Better Responses – Speaking Your Truth or Ego Bluster?

The Tempting Glow of Reaction

The Tempting Glow of Reaction

How many times have you heard a little voice in your head that says, “Stop” or “Don’t” or “Not now”? It can happen after someone says something to you while you are thinking of your response, or it can happen in the tiny instant before you react or respond. Oops—too late! The latter is nearly impossible to stop as the momentum of your reaction is already there, and the voice just manages to sneak in there as you are beginning your response. Of course, that is still a big step further than not hearing the voice at all.

How to Use Awareness to Keep Your Power – The Balance of Intellect and Emotion

Awareness and Power

Intellect devoid of emotion is somewhat hollow, lacking in a deeper sense of fulfillment. Emotion without any logical thought or direction can be confusing, misleading or distracting to the point of leading you down a dark rabbit hole with no light to see the way out.

Choosing Power Over Fear

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees

When the Path Ahead Is Unclear

Fear is amorphous, nebulous. It fills the space like a steam room or foggy night. Although it has no real substance, and you could walk right through it, it blocks vision, creating a false barrier to our paths. When we can’t see clearly, even if we know the way, we tend to stop in our tracks. We become uncertain and question our validity and actions. We question our right to move forward, our abilities and our own minds. The fog of fear holds no real power, yet it can hold us in place, make us to retreat or even cause us to cower and hand over our power to this seemingly real entity.

True Safety – The Tower Revisited

Emerging form the Tower

The time for hiding in the tower is over.

Today I picked a Tarot card for a message and instead of The Tower Tarot Cardreading the definitions in my two wonderful books, I looked at the card and felt and heard the message—my first psychic reading of a card! I chose The Tower card and thought to myself, “Oh, that one again!” But it was different this time. My message to all of us is as follows:

Although the card looks scary, it need not be. We have a choice. We always have a choice to take action or wait for action to take us.

Being Real – Instincts and Insights

Authenticity in nature

True power comes from being real, not from being in control.

Wholeness is not a static state of being. It is a continuous process of growing and learning. It is the journey of evolving into a greater expression of your true self and the joy that is experienced in the expression of that truth.

Fulfillment comes not from reaching a goal or arriving at an end point (death?). It comes from total immersion in the process itself. Being present for the journey, with its myriad ups and downs, is the joy of being alive. When we strive to be rather than to do or to complete, we can truly experience what it means to be a spiritual being expressing in this earthly world.

If we can remember that we are light beings given the gift of human experience—in order to know and express ourselves in unique ways—we can experience more gratitude for this gift. And if we convey that gratitude to others through our communications and actions, our surroundings will be filled with more light. This light will spread and also be reflected back on us.

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