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Red roses-Accepting the beauty of the present moment

Accepting the Beauty of the Present Moment

Being truly present means accepting each moment—where you are and how you feel, whatever the circumstance.

After hearing the news of a friend’s son’s passing, I was reminded of my own sorrow from my mom’s passing two years ago. That may sound like it was a while ago, but it is still emotionally there for me at times. I felt a sadness that holds me back from moving forward wholly into my new endeavors. There is a part of me that was stuck in the past, with regrets, sadness, guilt and remorse. For what, I’m not even certain. There is no perfect daughter, no perfect way to grieve, no allotted time limit for sadness or for moving on in life. Most importantly, we can’t change the past. We can only accept where we were, where we are, and make efforts toward where we are going or want to go.

We can love who we were and who we are now, the latter being the most crucial, for if we are always in love with our true selves, there is no manifestation or expression of our self that we could not love. We may choose to make changes, but we must always love the basic building blocks of our being—our soul self and true nature. It is pure energy that we mold into physical expressions, for better or for worse, in our lifetimes here.

It is our souls’ purpose to share our light in this world or wherever our consciousness is focused. Through those manifestations come growth and expansion to a new level of being, which serves the all and is the true purpose of existence—service to the all. We are not completely individuated beings—how lonely would that be? Yet we are not completely one in our experience either. We are individual expressions of the all, comprised of parts of the whole. We are whole within ourselves, our light and our greater being, and we are always connected to a greater whole, the full wisdom of the universe and all that we ever need for our enlightenment—meaning the light that guides us to where we need to be to fully express our truth, should we choose to follow it and our higher path.

All that I just expressed came from the willingness to feel the sadness that lingers, from accepting where I am in this moment and not trying to be somewhere else. The present is all there is—the feelings, the thoughts, the actions. When we stay in this moment, we can move beyond the grip of past ideas and feelings to embrace a current—the current moment and a current of energy that carries us forward without effort and with acceptance and clarity, knowing that we are heading where we need and want to be in our heart and soul.

Today I accept who I am and where I am. I am always me, the expansive soul learning to express freely in this worldly illusion. I am always here, in the present moment of all that is and ever could be—the realm of infinite possibilities. As such, I am always who and where I need to be in any given moment.

With acceptance, we can use each moment to the fullest, to learn and grow and remake ourselves as a greater expression of truth and wholeness. With resistance rather than acceptance, we are merely treading water to stay afloat. Where is the joy in that? It is neither necessary nor fruitful.

We don’t need to be in bliss in every moment, but we do need to embrace the moments as they come, to experience what is and to accept it in order to be whole and move through this existence in a meaningful way. That is, to feel meaning in each moment, for to resist is to deny the meaning and utility of our feelings and experiences. To accept is to embrace the all, which includes embracing ourselves and all that encompasses—the seemingly good, bad and ugly, as well as the true light and love of which we are made.

Sarah A. Sporn – The Evolving Intuitive

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