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How to Use Awareness to Keep Your Power – The Balance of Intellect and Emotion

Awareness and Power

Intellect devoid of emotion is somewhat hollow, lacking in a deeper sense of fulfillment. Emotion without any logical thought or direction can be confusing, misleading or distracting to the point of leading you down a dark rabbit hole with no light to see the way out.

Acceptance as a Means for Being Present

Red roses-Accepting the beauty of the present moment

Accepting the Beauty of the Present Moment

Being truly present means accepting each moment—where you are and how you feel, whatever the circumstance.

Is It Okay to Be Okay With Not Knowing?

Mountain Road

Gratitude for the Beauty of the Journey

As many of us do, for many years I grappled with living with not knowing—what will I do for my next career, what is my destiny, what is my calling, how can I do something I love and make a lot of money at the same time, what do I want to do, what do I love to do, what brings me joy, what is fulfilling to me?

It’s funny, because I actually love knowledge! I love to learn, to be enlightened, to understand, to be amazed, to investigate, to gather information, to be let in on secrets of life and more. Yet, knowing and knowledge are not one and the same. Knowing, to me, is a mind game, a human “need.” People think they need to know all sorts of things in order to be okay, safe, comfortable and happy. They want to know what will happen next, how they can control outcomes, what their roles in life should be, what they are meant to be doing, and much more.

Is Your Tower Built on a Solid Foundation or Is It Time for Change?

The Tower Tarot Card

The Breaking Down of Existing Structures: The Tower: Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Sometimes your closet has to come crashing down, literally. That’s how my morning started a couple of months ago. At 5 a.m., the loud noise jolted me awake out of my much-needed sleep. But it got me thinking. Well, at first it made me upset, annoyed at being woken up and at having to deal with the mess. It was unsettling, for me, my clothing, and the dust on the top shelf that filled the air. I gathered a few items and then moved an air purifier to the closet to filter the dust. That was one thing checked off the list. The clothing would have to wait. I, on the other hand, was feeling extremely unsettled.

With no electronic filter system to clear my head, I picked a card from the tarot deck—the Tower. Its scary picture of people jumping out of a burning tower struck by lightning was at first a bit disconcerting. But as soon as I began to read some of the interpretations, I knew this card held truth for me.

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